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VyprVPN is a popular VPN that is designed mainly for personal use. This service belongs to the company Golden Frog and, which was created in 1994, is an old-timer in the industry and remains one of the leaders in their business. VyprVPN itself was launched in 2009. The creators of this service assure that their main goal is to provide safe and more effective use of the Internet to all users that would respect and protect their confidentiality.

Throughout its existence, this provider had gained a flawless reputation and is still considered to be the fastest VPN in the whole world, which is true, but we should note that its speed still depends on user’s location. But we have to admit that it’s one of the best VPN providers out there. Now let’s take a closer look at different statistical data and general characteristics of the service, discover its advantages and disadvantages, and give it an objective evaluation. 

What servers are available? 

VyprVPN has more than 700 servers available. The provider has numerous server clusters located all around the globe, namely in Europe, Oceania, Asia, South and North America, and a big advantage of VyprVPN is that it provides unlimited dynamic server applications both for desktop and mobile devices that are convenient and easy to use. 

How well does it perform?

It is hard to dispute the statement that VyprVPN offers the fastest VPN on the market. The company has made efforts to offer customers a high-quality product; writing their own code and having a personal set of servers’ infrastructure, VyprVPN provides true unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server change. 

Another advantage is that when one of the servers loses the speed, which may occur from time to time, VyprVPN automatically switches users’ connection to another server of the same group, which allows them to maintain the constant high quality of the connection.

What about security?

With a monthly or yearly package Pro and Premier, you will have another layer of protection provided by NAT firewall. This unique feature prevents the entrance of unsolicited traffic, which means that the user will not be exposed to the risk of identity theft or installing malicious software on network devices connected to VyprVPN. This feature is especially useful for mobile users.

Support team

This service provides its clients with round-the-clock support via online chat, which is located on the website, or via email, and, also, the site has all the necessary instructions for manual configuration of any device. 

Can it be tested for free?

Yes, there is a free trial version for three days on all its products.

Pricing policy

This service offers three different packages for users: Basic, Pro and Premier; maybe, this provider has slightly higher rates than some of its competitors, but you get the quality that you are paying for, and with a monthly basic package that costs only $ 6.67 per month (based on annual contract), you can hardly call this service expensive.


As we mentioned above, VyprVPN has an excellent reputation and is one of the leaders on the market, which is not strange because the app works exactly as it’s advertised, and while testing it, we did not face any major problems.  

So is it worth your attention? Well, from the point of view of overall performance, usability, price, functionality and reliability, we have to admit that no other product, reviewed by us earlier, can compete with this provider. 

But we can only recommend VyprVPN for those who are looking for VPN that provides high speed, impressive features, reliability and, of course, anonymity.

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