Reliability and Safety with Private Internet Access VPN Service

Private Internet Access is one of the most affordable VPN providers in the market. It offers more than 3000 servers in 29 zones and 18 countries. Although the company is not very transparent, it is a very secure service with a high level of encryption; the service provides a fast connection, is ideal for torrents, downloading content, and viewing broadcasts. And although this is one of the cheapest VPN services, I would recommend you to compare it with more expensive ones, to answer the question whether you want to skimp on quality or not.

The first impression and the website.

Overall, the website leaves a good impression. The top menu includes several relevant sections that provide all the necessary information, while the most important nuances like contact information, terms and price of subscription, and basic facts about the company are stated on the main page, which is very convenient. 

At the bottom of the page you can find more in-depth topics, as well as the rules and legal notice, and there’s also a link to the PIA VPN blog that is updated weekly or more often. It’s highly recommended to check out their blog. No matter if you are planning to subscribe to the Private Internet Access service or not, their blog posts are interesting and informative so reading them will be useful anyways.

Website design is very simple. All information is concise and conveniently structured. 

Prices and tariffs

The rice of tariff plan depends on the subscription period that you choose; there are three available options: subscription for one month, for six months or for a year, and thus, the prices range from 9.95$ per month. If you are happy with the service or the positive reviews of PIA had convinced you enough, you should choose either a six-month plan (which is $5.99 a month) or a year’s subscription (which is only $3.33 for a month) because these two plans are the most beneficial and affordable.

Compared to their competitors, PIA VPN offers their services at low prices. What’s important is whatever plan you choose, you always have a 7-day money-back guarantee. Although the longest period for a money back guarantee on the market is 30 days and this provider gives you only 7 days to make up your mind, one week is also enough to test everything and be confident in your choice.

Reliability and support 

This service provides high-speed connections and quality support to users. It includes various articles and a detailed list of frequently asked questions that will help you to find answers if you encounter any problems. There is also a real-time chat available on the website. Via this online chat you can reach one of the service’s helpful and competent customer support representative literally within a few minutes and ask them for assistance. 


Private Internet Access reviews has mostly positive feedbacks and reviews from its existing customers and this is not surprising because the features of the software that this company offers and its pleasant rates make them a strong competitor to some of the best VPN companies. This provider is reliable and it keeps developing. This VPN provider is easy in use and has everything that a good service should have, which makes it a good and affordable option for users. 

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