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I stumbled upon Hub when I was in a complete despair – I had a limited amount of time to find some good, practical hosting to create a website for my small business. As I am not yet that rich enough, I was looking for something affordable. That is how I made my choice and picked Hub. Nice, easy to use starting page, list of free features – things like that always gripped my attention. So I started my work with this service, and I want to share this experience with you.

The first steps I made to start working with the Hub

The introductory page immediately reveals all the information you need to work with it. There are three promotional plans Hub offers you so you can make a choice of whichever fits you best:

  • Spark: a plan created for starters provides a quick setup 
  • Nitro: created for small businesses
  • Dynamo: hosting for more professional users designed to create highly dynamic sites

How much money do you need to work with the Hub?

The above-mentioned three options have discounts starting from 45 to 47%, so while making a choice you will only pay 6, 8 or 10 dollars accordingly. I have chosen a Nitro plan as I need a website for my small business and paid only seven bucks. 

After I made an order and paid a few bucks for it, I started to learn which features does the Hub hosting offers. They were put in the neat list on the starting page; it was astonishing to find out that most of them were free: website builder, marketing credits, website transfer, domain registration. All of these components I found useful and relevant to what I was looking for.

What do people say about the Hub services?

It is evident that the Hub hosting is not afraid of comments and feedback from their clients – that is why you can always find some on their starting page. Most of the people are fully satisfied with the services they receive and are leaving positive comments. There is also a panel with phone numbers, Skype, chat and the helping center service connection on the top of the main screen. The address of the Hub company with its Zip code is at the bottom – knowing that a company you work with has an exact legal address gives you a feeling of security and confidence.

The experience of working with the Hub features

After learning the options the hosting provides and after ordering a promotional $7 Nitro plan for my small business I started using the features offered. It appeared not that difficult as I have imagined! There is a thing called BoldGrid – it`s a free website builder which is included in every hosting plan. It offers drag-and-drop options with themes and custom content for a business you lead. No need to have any IT coding skills, everything is created for users who have no particular skills in programming. It is important to mention that the websites Hub creates are mobile-friendly as well, meaning your page can be available for the smartphone frequent users – and this will definitely multiply your client base by two. Give it a try and use Hub to create your web page – invest their high-quality services in your business. 

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