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I became a Web.com user because it provides the support for its clients and gives precise information about its services and features. For me, it was always a problem to make a choice between some fancy expensive hosting or a cheap variant for complete amateurs. I didn`t want to become a victim of my doubts. That`s why I searched high and low for an affordable, reliable hosting and came to Web.com. In this overview, I will explain to you why the juice is worth a squeeze. 

System of packages and prices for them

Web.com is offering an easy to understand set of packages. There are only three of them: Essential package comes for an affordable cost of $5.95, Professional is only $7.95 and  Premium costs $9.95 per month. I would have chosen Web.com only for their prices, which are quite modest comparing to high-quality services these guys provide.

Free features of Web.com plans

There are some basic features which have unlimited access to every package. Unlimited data transfer, website development features which are available in every package: CGI-Bin Directory, SSI, Perl. Every package has a support of Ruby on Rails, PHP5, Zend Libraries, Python, and JSP. 

I couldn`t stop smiling when I saw that this hosting also provides such an advantages as a free domain name for one year, domain pointers, e-mail auto-responders and Imap, as well as AWStats WebStatistics for every package.

Application and database features

For every package, these features include phpMyAdmin and CronJobs. Real Audio and Video stream, Automatic Database Backup are also included.

MySqlDatabase for the Essential package is limited to reasonable 300MB, in Professional – to 300MB as well, and unlimited access to a Premium package.

A design of your future website. 

When I was starting my work with Web.com, I didn`t know which design my website should have. Although I pictured which features and pages it should contain, I didn`t know how will I make it work for my business, and if it will work after all. Luckily the service offers such helping options as: “We build it for you” – the name of it talks for itself, “Do it yourself” – an option for advanced users. “eCommerce Website” and “Mobile Website” features can be very effective for your e-business. And the “WordPress Site” feature will build your web page on the most popular platform in the world.

Online marketing tools 

Web.com provides a list of features which people are usually can`t find in other hostings, but which make any business more efficient and profitable. They are listed above on the main page: Facebook boost, web-SEO feature, Pay per click Marketing and Local Leads. 

Hosting provides its clients with other products as well. Like SSL certificates, Reputation Alert, E-mail marketing, Take-a-Payment, Multi-location solutions, access to Web.com community and small business summit.

What are the advantages of becoming a premium member?

If you want to become a premium member, there is a relevant option which Web.com provides. Just follow the link and dial a customer support number to have an obligation-free, in-depth talk about your business, its goals and how you can achieve them together with the hosting`s experts.

General outline

My general feeling about working with Web.com is more than satisfactory. The service provided me with all needed support, features, simple and reasonable structure. The prices for hosting services are justifiable. After working with this hosting, I want to advise it to my friends, business partners and everybody who reads this overview.

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