Site Ground – Very Geeky And Client-Oriented Platform

Site Ground was created for clients who love doing business online cooperating with real professionals. It becomes apparent from the first visit to their landing page, which is designed in a state-of-the-art techie style. 

The landing page contains a collection of best feedbacks with photos of satisfied clients. The team of Site Ground collects their ratings and comments made by visitors, which proves that they care about what clients say about their work. You can leave a comment as well, or have a chat with the support team and ask for additional help.

Plans available

The are three main available packages displayed on a landing page as well. The prices vary. $0.99 per month for Web Hosting, which offers an SSD based shared solutions; $80 per month for Cloud Hosting – a high-performance cloud platform; $229 for a Dedicated Hosting plan, which offers premium serving machines, and the possibility to choose the location of your server. If you choose a Dedicated plan there is a possibility to pick either Europe, USA or Asia-Pacific. 

Every plan has its special offers which can suit any demands. Regardless of what type of web page you need, there are multiple tools and apps which are available for the implementation of any of your ideas.

How to start

While entering into a window of every package, there is a pop-out window that offers you to compare every package provided by the page. Every step you make is provided by details on every feature in a friendly, not annoying manner. 

There is a high level of simplicity in anything you start doing with this service. To sign up for any plan, there are only three steps you need to make – to choose a plan, to choose a domain you want, review and complete. 

Options provided

The panel on top of the landing page gives access to the variety of options: WordPress services, Joomla services, exclusive technologies crafted for boosting the efficiency of your project, support and some information about the Site Ground team, photos of the staff, blog, values and clients` reviews.  

There is also a holiday promotion up to 60% available, which is nice – another affirmation of client-oriented values of the hosting.


The hosting boasts about its craftsmanship: they dare to create the solutions on their own coming up with the unique server security technologies and speed. Server management software, which is massively used, restricts these features. Meanwhile, Site Ground solutions offer a revolutionary way out. 

The high quality of services is attained by the months of the in-house hard work of people, who are operating them and provide them support afterward. The team of the hosting is always working on improvements of what they do.  


As a conclusion to this overview, I can say that there is no outsource and delegation of responsibilities to other agencies. There is a general feeling of personal, live communication while you are working with Site Ground hosting, as one of their values is to change the standard practice of impersonal services of other hostings.

It seems that they have accomplished their primary objective of reimagining the hosting services. 

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