Just Host Has A Big Reputation Among Common And Professional Users

Their team provides an absolute quality of services; prices are not high, and the number of free features is eye-popping! 

The first thing you need to know about Just Host is that it operates in all parts of the globe and works with different currencies of multiple countries, including Canada, Australia, US, and the UK. 

If you type Just Host in Google, the top search result in a 66 million list will be a “Professional Web Hosting From Just Host”. So what`s so special about it and why should anybody use its services – let`s try to take a short overview of its features and options it provides.


To begin with let`s start from their home page. It is a nice widescreen with all the needed icons enlisted in the panel which is situated above. There is a “live support chat” button on the top of the screen as well as a panel with main options built into it.

You can find there three main hosting types: Website, VPS, and Test Drive cPanel.

How much does it cost?

Just Host offers you an affordable $3,95 introductory offer package which provides your website with multiple free tools and unlimited accesses.

The platform provides a free domain name registration or free domain transfer. Just Host plan gives you the possibility to host multiple domains in the cPanel account.

The prices for Just Host plans are amazingly compatible. They have features like unlimited disk space, as well as the unlimited number of domains, transfers, and email accounts.


There is a free 24/7 network monitoring which provides a 100% protection from any risks and malfunctioning. Your website is safe all the time; the UPS-powered backup generator is always there for the safety of your site and its data.


The features of Just Host are integrated for your comfort with the customer control panel, which is very useful for optimization, setting up and promotion of your website. There are also templates, application installs and free advertising credits which you can use whenever you like to bring your site to the top of Google search list.

Specifically, I want to mention the true simplicity with which every tool is made to bring your work to the highest level of comfort and quality. I didn`t experience any confusion while launching my website, neither did anybody of my friends to whom I advised Just Host.

Smart solutions

Another exclusive Just Host feature is a cPanel which is a control panel interface. This feature is used in every Just Host account and has a first-rate user-friendly interface and simple to manage multi-functional control panel. With this useful tool, you can easily manage your hosting account, configure your e-mail services, domains, statistics and other unique options provided.

There is also a free script library with such prime services as WordPress, osCommerce, phpBB and Joomla.

Final evaluation

To sum up the analysis of the hosting it is needless to emphasize on its useful simplicity, excellent client-oriented structure and services. The websites I launched with the help of this platform have already brought a considerable increase in sales to my business. My clients are happy with my sites as they have the needed support and tools which were provided by Just Host platform.

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