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When I was surfing the web in search of some good platform to open my blog two months ago, I was looking for something which will be suitable even for a novice like myself. Before starting my search, I defined my main demands which were: free access to the support team, access to marketing tools and the possibility to make my own design using the options mentioned above. And it seems iPage satisfied my requirements.

My first experience while working with iPage

It wasn`t difficult to find iPage on the web, it popped out on the first page of Google’s search results. The attractive design and wide first-page screen contained the guide to site`s options I wanted to evaluate. From the first glance, I mentioned the large logos of support, tools and other options I was looking for; they contained the brief abstracts with the relevant information underneath. 

How much does it cost?

Before I signed up to the page, I evaluated the total sum of money per month for which the hosting offered its services. There was a banner on the starting page with the pricing and an offer for those who wanted to register to the hosting for the first time. I was really happy finding that out as it was 75% discount from the total $7.99 monthly payment! So after I registered, I paid only $2! I doubt there are other hostings which give such offers to their customers. iPage also offers a free unlimited disk space as well as 30-day money back guarantee. 

Security tools are for free – which was an enormous relief. The cherry on the cake was free WordPress building tools!

Posts from other clients of the hosting

After my first visit, I immediately started looking for any feedback from other iPpage clients. I found nothing which in any way could disappoint me – the general opinion was the same as mine. Everybody was cheered by the free options iPage presented; specifically, the free domain name brought everybody to an extreme level of satisfaction. 

I found it very appealing.

My experience with the iPage services

I am writing this particular part of my review after I have created and launched my blog. I did it after working on it for a while with the kit of provided tools and templates. The host is offered an option to pay 100$ to boost my website traffic which I used without hesitation. And the most emotional moment I experienced when I saw my blog on a Google search list in one line with others, more professional blogs. All the feedback information, my e-mail, etc. were put on the page with a delicate designing touch. 

The final word about iPage

Being new to the market of hostings as well as creating my own web pages I used iPage and didn`t regret it. The service provided me with all the needed guidance and options. As well as the valuable discounts and free of charge tools and 24/7 phone and chats available experts who are always there to help. I have already reposted and retweeted the hosting to my friends and I strongly recommend it to you as well.

Value your time and don`t waste it on reinventing things when you can use a helping hand from iPage experts who are always ready to work for your success.

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