Businesses All Over The World Choose Inmotion

Why do businesses from different parts of the World choose Inmotion? The answer is simple – it offeres a cheap solution to what I they are looking for with the very high level of professionalism and 24/7 live support.

Judging from my own experience when I visited the main page of the hosting, I saw the transparent structure of a real company with real names, addresses, always ready to help and give advice to its clients. Since its inception in 2001, the team of InMotion is providing their best services to businesses of all levels.

My first experience with InMotion

From the first glance at the structure of the hosting I paid attention to the fact how much do its team value its reputation and name which they were thoroughly creating during long years of hard work. These guys have even launched online tutorials on the education channels to help you get started regardless of which server or VPS you use. There are more than 3 thousand articles with support guides which are there to assist you with domain names, e-mail setup, questions regarding websites, etc. I used an option of interactive communication on the forum provided by the InMotion to get the prompt answers on my questions.

Standards and inbuilt features

Although the prices for InMotion services are not high at all, they are following their standards of expensive state-of-the-art technology and are using the first-class servers and routers from Dell, Brocade, and Cisco Systems.   

Before launching my site, I thought it would be difficult to equip it with the software I wanted. But as appeared InMotion worked it out for me – the hosting contains more than 400 apps which you can download in one click. It also works with all types of bases like WordPress web hosting, Joomla, Drupal, and Prestashop.

Support services

The hosting provides you with the team of helpful support, which is always on the line to give you any relevant information on the general questions. If you are an advanced user and you want more detailed information and in-depth solutions, there is always a Managed Hosting Team working for you.

What plans does the hosting offer?

The hosting offers four types of packages: business, VPS, Dedicated servers, and Reseller hosting.  You can make your choice regarding what type of hosting you need.  The prices are inexpensive and vary from $6.39 per month for businesses and $100 for dedicated servers with high traffic websites and root access.

What does my girlfriend like about InMotion?

The company is eco-friendly and is making an outstanding progress towards the improvement in carbon emitting in their data centers, cooperating with environment protection organizations, working on limiting the consumption of water and paper. And they are doing it every day of a year which deserves clients` appreciation.  

Why I recommend this hosting to everybody

The InMotion company makes things easy and offers a large variety of options. Every customer, professional or beginner can find a suitable package. The large variety of tools and apps provides you with numerous possibilities to create a website you need. Online support is always there for you. The hosting is designed to make your business successful, efficient and bring profit.

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