HostGator Will Have All Your Web Problems For Lunch

When I was starting my search for the hosting which can satisfy my demands I was surfing here and there through the muddy waters of the web. I was reading long unclear commercials of complicated, awkward hostings which didn`t suit me at all. Then my friend advised me to check the one he uses, which was how I came to the HostGator. So let’s take a closer look at it features, so I can explain why I decided to use it.  

Web and Cloud Hostings

All HostGator plans have a simple classification divided into three types of clients which usually use the hosting services. In a web and cloud hosting plans are split into three levels: Hatchling plan for starters, Baby plan, which comes as a standard one, and a professional Business plan. The prices are not high; every plan is at a discount, the longer your subscription is, the less you pay. If you are signing to a Hatchling plan, for example, the hosting offers you to subscribe for three years for the price of two, which is only $2.75 per month!

WordPress hosting option

WordPress hosting provides 2.5X Speed level with an advanced security and free Migrations. A perfect feature for me as I had an existing WordPress site when I was starting with HostGator. I was thinking about getting rid of it and starting a new one, but hopefully, HostGator offered an option to save an existing site by using their Migration option. That saved me my nerves, time, and money.

It also offers a variety of other applications which can provide you with a wider range of possibilities. Joomla, which is a powerful and customizable CMS. Drupal, which controls and feels your site. Magento will be perfect for those who want to start or develop their E-commerce business. Wiki, which is known as a great app to contribute and work with information, and phpBB – best forum software resource.

Become an affiliate or sign up to one of the reseller`s packages.

You can work with the HostGator as an affiliate – the service offers good conditions for those who want to work with them as an affiliate. Reseller option offers three packages: Aluminum, Copper, and Silver. Their prices are within a reasonable range from $20 to $25.

VPS and Dedicated server

There is also a convenient VPS package which HostGator snapped with its 75% discount promotion so that you can pay for a Snappy 2000 package $20; Snappy 4000 – $30, and Snappy 8000 – $40 per month.

Dedicated server is available at HostGator in four Basic, Standard, Elite, and Pro packages, which ultimate features you can order for a higher but justifiable price.


You can choose multiple types of domains from the list, or you can transfer your already registered one to the HostGator. Prices vary from only $13 a year for a standard domain name and $39 annual price for the domain. While buying any type of domain you are receiving a bunch of free useful options like domain locking, which prevents hijacking, auto-renewal of your domain, and a control panel specifically designed for your comfort and easy management. 


To start working with the HostGator you only need 4 bucks, the rest of expenses are up to you to decide. If you want to install some cool apps or get some cool domain name you won`t pay much as well – the prices are affordable. There is also a flexible and transparent discount systems and many great free of charge features, which it provides.  So my advice will be to choose HostGator – snap your possibility to develop with its tools and services. 

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